Storefront integration

The CHILIconnector integrates the CHILIpublisher in the storefront of Magento2.x on a separate editor page.

It creates a most advanced user experience while editing documents in the Magento2.x storefront and ensures the best possible compatiblitity with existing Magento2.x features.

The editor page consists of an iframe for the CHILIpublisher and a editor panel (toolbar) with advanced functionalities.

The editor panel has different panel layouts to suit your needs best. Please read the panel chapter for more information.

Simple document editing process

The document edit process start with clicking on the “Start configuration / Edit”-button in the product detail page.

Productdetail-Page with Editorlink

With the button click, the CHILIconnector creates a valid session at the CHILIserver, generates a working copy of the selected document as a tmp-file (default behaviour) and opens the CHILIpublisher with the configured

  • workspace
  • view preference
  • document constraints


Once clicked, the editor page with the CHILIpublisher iframe will be openend and the users is able to edit the document. Editorpage

After editing the document, the user is able to add the document to the cart. A preview image of the document will be shown to user (optional). Cart

Now the document is in the (default) checkout of Magento2.x. Checkout

After the checkout process, it is possible (depending on the configuration) to start the PDF-rendering process automatically.

Support for different Magento2.x product types

The CHILIconnector supports the Magento2.x product types:

Simple and virtual products

The editing process starts directly by clicking on the “Start configuration / Edit”-button in the product detail page. By pressing the button, the editor-page loads the CHILIpublisher and the user is able to start editing the document.

Configurable products

The editing process starts with selecting the corresponding options of the configurable product. E.g. color and size. Every option is associated with a simple/virtual product, which again is maybe related with a chili document.

The CHILIconnector allows you to configure behind an option

  • always the same document
  • a different document

By pressing the “Start configuration / Edit”-button the according chili document of the option will be loaded and the user is able to edit the working copy of the document.

Bundled products

Chili-Document can be bundled in a bundled product. If a bundled product is related to simple/ virtual products (with chili documents) a special editor-page (with advanced navigation feature) will be loaded.

Important “Chili Bundle”-Addon for the CHILIconnector needed! Please read more at [CHILI-Bundle Extension]

Editor Page

The editor page enables the user to edit the chili document in the browser. The CHILIpublisher is integrated as an iframe into that editor page. Additionally the editor panel shows information about the product (name, price etc.) and contains a toolbar with several additional functionalities like “adding the product to the cart” or “saving the document as draft” etc.


Default functionalities of the editor panel (toolbar) are:

  • Cancel the edit process (Closes the editor page and returns to the previous page)
  • Save (saves the document as draft, without leaving the editor page (per ajax request)
  • Save and close (saves the document as draft and closes the editor page. The user will be redirected to the drafts list (wishlist).
  • Add the document/ product to the cart (adds the Magento2.x product incl. the chili document to the cart)
  • Pagination (only available if the document has more than 1 page)

Additional functionalities are available, if activated via configuration.

  • Pdf-Download (E.g. gives for the user the possibility to download a Lowres-PDF)
  • Show document info
  • Show document consent

Editor Panel Layouts

The editor panel (toolbar) has three different visualisations.

  • cog (default)


  • sidebar (left)


  • menu (top)


Please note: We recommend to use the version “menu” (top). For the most projects it’s the most compatible and most advanced version!

Configuration: Read more

Document pager

The document pager enables the customer to scroll between pages of a document. Important: The pager will be shown automatically, if the document contains more than one page.


It’s possible to enable a PDF-Download in the editor panel. The current document is rendered as a PDF and made available for download. Depending on the related PDF render settings, it is possible only to download e.g. only Lowres-PDFs as document previews.

Configuration: Read more

Preflight Check

The CHILIconnector supports the internal preflight check mechanism of the CHILIpublisher. If this feature is enabled and the preflight check reports an “error” in the document, the CHILIconnector prevents a further document processing like

  • adding a document to the cart
  • finish document for digital output
  • requesting an document at a supervisor

Preflight Check

Please note: Saving a document to the personal wishlist / my documents (drafts) is always possible.

Configuration: Read more

The CHILIconnector offers the possibility to display additional information about the chili document in the editor panel. For example, information about how the document can be processed, which special requirements are necessary or which guidelines must be observed.

The content of the document info and document consent can be selected from a cms-block of Magento2.x.

Document Info

The “document info”-feature enables you to show additional information how to process the document in general. The information will be shown after clicking the “question-mark” in the editor panel toolbar.


Configuration: Read more

In addition to the “document info”-feature it is possible to display a “document consent” box. The “document consent”-box will be shown after the user tries to add the document either to the cart or to the “digital output”-list.


As the document consent is shown a modal dialogbox, it acts more like “reminder” and must be closed by the user first, before he can proceed.

Please note: The “document consent”-feature doesn’t save the user action!

Configuration: Read more

Personal drafts in wishlist

Personal drafts can be saved to the wishlist of Magento2.x. Saved drafts are shown in the wishlist together with stock products.


But they can’t be added to the cart directly. Drafts must be finished first, before they can be added to the cart.

If an draft is added to the cart, the draft will be removed from the wishlist - just like stock products.

[Read more] to configure personal drafts.

Automatic previews and document edit links in cart

It’s possible (optional) to show a preview-image of the document in the cart. In addition to that, it is possible (optional) to show a direct “document edit”-link to the editor-page.


[Read more] to enable automatic previews and document edit links.

My Account/ My Orders

It is possible to activate the download of chili documents within the orders of the customer. But be careful, the document will be available for download with the same PDF renderer settings as it is rendered for production! Therefore this feature may not be suitable for all scenarios!

My Orders

(PDF-)Render settings

By default the CHILIconnector supports only pdf rendering of chili documents. The CHILIconnector supports different render “locations” and different pdf-export settings for them like:

  • Checkout (Success Page)

  • My Orders

  • Emails

  • Backend Sales->Orders

  • Pdf-Download in Editorpage (The PDF-Download in the Editorpage has it’s own pdf-export setting, just to be able to use different render options e.g. to process only lowres-pdfs for download.)

Important: Each document export uses one CHILIpublish renderer! Carefully read the renderer licensing of CHILIpublish!

Read more to configure the default render settings.

Hint: The “My Documents”-extension gives more flexibility in rendering documents with different render settings and supports image- and html-rendering too!

Single Usage

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